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Let’s face it; your home gets dirty, and your roof may be the dirtiest single piece of it. In San Antonio, your roof has to suffer through flying tree pollen, dust, leaves, debris, and all types of other things that keep it looking dingy and grimy. Our expert San Antonio power washing team at First Response Powerwash are specifically adept at cleaning roofs of all types, and helping restore them to their original beauty. Our roof cleaning practices are based on recommendations from the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association. Before replacing your whole roof, consider a visit from the San Antonio roof cleaning experts.

Why Clean My Roof?

The simple answer? Because it catches everything. Think of how nasty the outside of your vehicle looks every fall and spring from the pollen, dirt and other things that San Antonio life gives us. Your home’s roof has years of the same gunk built up on it. A layer of algae (most common that affects Roofs is Gloeocapsa Magma) could cause you to lose up to 50% of your roof’s service life. It spreads quickly and facilitates growth of other organisms such as lichens, mildew, mold and moss! Our team will use a customized blend of biodegradable cleansing agents combined with the soft washing technique to clean your home’s roof with the utmost precision and care to minimize runoff and overspray. We DO NOT use high-pressure on your roof because we do not want to risk voiding your warranty and cause more damage than just the algae and other build up alone. Having your roof cleaned professionally can help maintain its integrity, improve curb appeal and is an investment in your homes most expensive feature. You will be AMAZED at how much different a home can look with a clean roof. Let our team show you

Why Choose First Response?

At First Response Powerwash, our team aims to deliver the highest-quality pressure washing services for your home or office. When you bring in our experts, you can always rely on receiving:


Our team will take expert care of your home or office and will ensure the job is done thoroughly and completely.


Our team will show up on time and perform the project at the price we’ve quoted. We’ll always stand by our word.


We believe in doing quality work at a fair price. We never raise our service rates based off your zip code or income.

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