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A home is one of the biggest investments a person will make in life and regular exterior cleaning can help extend the life of that investment. As much as we love spraying high-pressure water (we are firefighters, after all), there are some situations in life when a little finesse is more appropriate. If you are interested in cleaning your home but worried that pressuring washing might damage your siding, your home’s paint, or any other aspect of your property, a soft wash might be the best option for you. If you are looking to make your house shine, don’t pay for a new coat of paint. CALL US! First Response Powerwash offers the best San Antonio soft wash services and is ready to help clean your home or office!

What is Soft Wash?

Soft Wash is an industry term that means we use special low-pressure nozzles to apply a custom blended combination of water and cleansing agents to remove the biological elements (algae, dust, pollen, mildew etc) and other stains without damaging the exterior of your home or surface we are cleaning. Soft wash is a gentler process that produces long-term results leaving your home looking like new again.

Why Choose First Response?

At First Response Powerwash, our team aims to deliver the highest-quality pressure washing services for your home or office. When you bring in our experts, you can always rely on receiving:


Our team will take expert care of your home or office and will ensure the job is done thoroughly and completely.


Our team will show up on time and perform the project at the price we’ve quoted. We’ll always stand by our word.


We believe in doing quality work at a fair price. We never raise our service rates based off your zip code or income.

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